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Soooo, I am really excited to start this new venture of my career. I am still a newbie to teaching (this is my 2nd year in 2nd grade) and I seriously love it! It has been a true joy to jump into my teaching career at an awesome school. I definitely feel like this is right where God wants me to be which makes it all the more fulfilling.

I have recently plunged into the waters of creating for Teachers Pay Teachers. What a ride it has been so far! I've spent lots of hours creating, fixing, watching YouTube, fixing, stalking blogs, fixing and most of all LEARNING! It has stretched my brain and really pushed me to create awesome, rigor filled products for my class. It has made me be more intentional in my teaching. And most of all, it has helped me love my job even more. There is just something about seeing your kids love something YOU created. It really has been a great journey for me. Check out my TpT Store! 

That being said, I felt like the next natural progression into my new journey is to blog about all things 2nd grade in Mrs. Brogan's class. We really have a lot of fun and I am excited to share (and receive) ideas and lots of bits! I hope that you guys enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing in it! 

XOXO Brogan

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