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We were busy last week y'all! We have been working on counting coins and money for the past 2 weeks in math. I was super proud of my kiddos for really digging into the coin counting head on. They were really good at it! I had some come in and tell me they had gotten change from their parents and practiced counting at home. (All you teachers out there know how excited that makes you!)

There are so many incredible resources out there to help you teach money. TpT has some seriously talented people who make it so easy to find good, reliable teaching resources. I'm extremely thankful to be apart of such a great family of teachers!

Here are some of the fun things we've been doing in class this week:

We have tirelessly been using our fake money! The kids love it and it such a good tool to help them really grasp the size of coins and how to use them in real life.

We also were given the awesome idea (thanks Mrs. Hall!!) to use coin stamps for a fun small group during money. Basically, Mrs. Hall made some index cards with coin amounts on them and the kids stamped them out onto notebook paper. They seriously loved it! It's the little things y'all! I found a set of money coin stamps on Amazon for about $10-12. It is definitely worth investing in - I will be for sure. Here is a link to the money stamps -

Of course we had to throw in some awesome money apps. Amy Lemons from Step Into Second Grade wrote a blog post for Blog Hoppin' last week that had some awesome apps for all you tech junkies out there. I have downloaded them all - and yes, they are all awesome! Here is a link to that blog post - every iPad teacher user should read this! Blog Hoppin' iPad Apps. The app that we were using was something I found free in the App Store. It is called Counting Money.

As always there are some resources that I have used over and over. There are so many on TpT but these are a few I've used and loved (as well as my kiddos!).

The first resource is one from Amy Lemons from Step Into Second Grade. This resource It's All About the Money, has sooooo many awesome things. We could have probably used this during math for a week straight and not run out of stuff to do! 

There are coin books, posters, money to print out and so much more! Go buy it! You will not regret it!

Another awesome resource I found was from Cara Carrol. My kids seriously loved doing these and would beg me to do them everyday. It's called Money Mystery Picture and lives up to it's name. It also made for an awesome sub plan while I was at a training on Friday! 

Another great resource from Cara Carrol is called The Great Coin Collection. This one has lots of activities to do along with teaching money. 

Lastly, we have been using up some awesome Interactive games on my Promethean board. If you don't have one of these (or any kind of interactive board) in your classroom, I'm so sorry! We use our board all the time for all kinds of different things.. I'm not sure what I would do without it! Here is a picture of ONE of the LakeShore Learning games I have for our Promethean board. 

It is so much fun and the kids really think of this as a reward (which is great because they are actually learning so much!). There is another LakeShore game I have called Money Ski Ball (also interactive) which my kids love too. LakeShore has tons of different interactive games so if you have an interactive board you should definitely check them out! 

Well, that sums up our math for the past few weeks. Money is fun to teach and even better when you have all of these great resources. I hope all of you have a fantastic Monday and a great week! 

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