Valentine's Day!

We have had so much fun preparing for Valentine's Day this week. We have read some super cute Valentine's Day books and make several craftivities! My kiddo's could hardly wait until our "party" on Friday, but they made it and we had a GREAT day! 

We started our Valentine activities with a writing activity from the fabulous Cara Carroll. This goes along with the book Will You Be My Valenswine.. it is so cute! I had never read it before, but my kids loved it. This is actually a freebie on her TpT site! How could you pass that up! 

I thought this one was adorable. This little guy wrote that he wanted How to Train Your Dragon 2 to be his valentine because it was the most awesomest movie in the universe! :)

This is sure to make a cute bulletin board! Loved doing it. 

Our next Valentine's craft was an idea from my mom (she is a fabulous Kindergarten teacher.. truly one of my biggest inspirations for becoming a teacher!). She had done these with her kiddos and was kind enough to pass along the idea. She found these on Pinterest and we adapted it a little. They turned out so cute! 

SIDE NOTE: If you don't explain to your kids that the monsters need to be facing the top of the bag then they might come out doing headstands! Still cute!

After we got done making these we passed out all of our Valentine's and put them in each others bags.

These are the Valentine's I made for my kiddo's this year. They came with bubble, Crabby Patty candy and some Laffy Taffy. They seemed to be a hit. :) 

Of course you can NOT celebrate Valentine's day without some conversational hearts. We had fun reading these to each other!! 

Naturally, you can't be a teacher and not own colorful clothes for the holidays. I do love these BRIGHT pink pants!

My sweet husband also surprised me with these chocolate covered strawberries being delivered to school. I was so surprise and they were so yummy! He is the best! 

We has such a great Valentine's Day in Mrs. Boles' class. How were your Valentine festivities??

Happy long weekend friends!! 

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